July 26, 2018 Meeting

It's all About Vision:

Prior to the advent of the Affordable Care Act, the majority of healthcare leaders had the luxury of a virtually unchanging vision for their organization (where they were going and what they wanted to become). Their visions were typically hospital-based, simple and clearly understood by all in the organization. For many, each cycle of strategic planning was simply one of refreshing the plan for the upcoming cycle against the backdrop of that static vision for the future – as straightforward as, ”What are we going to do this coming year?” 

Since the ACA however, those clear, unchanging, hospital-based visions have become less relevant to the changing marketplace, driving a need to examine and in most cases completely refresh and redefine the future. Join us for an evening focused on learning from C-suite leaders of nationally recognized organizations about how they develop and articulate new, meaningful, useful, communicable and most importantly achievable visions for their organizations they lead. 

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