In the rapidly changing healthcare field, a career plan is more important than ever. ACHE is pleased to bring you a unique, interactive and comprehensive tool for  planning and managing your career--CareerEDGE®, available as a complimentary benefit to ACHE members.

Access the CareerEDGE tool here*:

CareerEDGE features:

  • A personalized online “Career Dashboard” featuring career planning tools, job site links and other career resources.

  • Access to several free assessments, including a 360° Working Style tool and a modified version of ACHE’s popular Healthcare Leadership  Competencies Assessment Tool.

  • An innovative career planning framework to guide your thinking about career success in healthcare.

  • A process to help you make the connection between clarifying goals, identifying competencies, selecting resources and tracking progress. 

ACHEMT CareerEDGE Navigators are here to help!

What is a CareerEDGE Navigator?

A CareerEDGE Navigator is someone who has completed training with ACHE’s Career Resources team and has committed to serving in the role for a period of two years, and is available to help members navigate through the CareerEDGE tool.  The Navigators have learned tips/tricks and best practices to help you get started, or if you’ve encountered a section you’re not sure how best to complete.  ACHEMT has two chapter Navigators available to assist members.  Feel free to reach out to us today—we’d love to help!

For assistance navigating the CareerEDGE tool, Email [email protected], a Chapter Navigator, for more information.

*Note: you must be an active member of ACHE to be able to access the CareerEDGE tool