ACHEMT 2021 Mentorship Program

Deadline Extended until March 24th: We want to especially encourage those interested in being a mentor to join the program and share their wisdom, insights and experiences.

The ACHE national organization recognizes the importance of providing resources for the healthcare student and the early careerist. ACHE has developed a myriad of leadership development programs, self-assessment tools, resume tools, job search essentials, networking resources and mentorship programs to accommodate healthcare leaders across the entire spectrum.

ACHE of Middle Tennessee always welcomes participants in its mentorship program each spring. The purpose of the mentorship program is twofold: to assist students and earlier healthcare careerists in their growth and development; and to give mentors, a satisfying and enriching relationship in which to share their wisdom, insights, and experiences.

The mentoring relationship will last six to twelve months, at the discretion of each mentor/protégé team. The application can be found here.

Criteria for Mentor Participation:

  • Membership in ACHE and a current member of the Middle TN chapter with
  • A position as Vice-President or Senior Executive (i.e. SVP, EVP, CXO, etc) in his/her organization OR
  • Minimum of five years of Healthcare Management experience with ACHE Fellow status.
  • Willingness to help develop students or earlier healthcare careerists.


Criteria for Protégé/Mentee Participation:

  • Current member of the Middle TN chapter or Student Associate membership in ACHEMT
  • Less than eight years of healthcare management experience.
  • Willingness to develop professionally.


2021 Program Timeline:

  • February 15th - March 24th, 2021: Application Period
  • April 2021: Matches Announced
  • April 2021: Mentorship Program Kickoff Webinar
  • January 2022: Program Concludes
  • March 2022: End of Program Celebration


If interested, please complete the Mentor-Mentee Questionnaire form online here or contact Megan Heim at [email protected]. Representatives from the Career Advancement Committee will follow up with you to confirm and to share program details.

See below for ACHEMT Mentor and Mentee/Protégé manuals, resources for use during the mentorship.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Applications due March 24th, 2021.

Mentor/Protégé Responsibilities:

By electing to participate in the program, the mentor agrees to:

  • Meet with the protégé at least once per month;
  • Be accessible to the protégé (phone, e-mail etc.);
  • Support and encourage the protégé’s advancement in ACHE and in their professional growth;
  • Serve as a resource person for updating and refining the protégé’s managerial knowledge and skills;
  • Offer input and guidance for career opportunities; and
  • Inform the Chairs of any concerns or questions.


By electing to participate in the program, the protégé agrees to:

  • Initiate monthly face-to-face meetings;
  • Be accessible and flexible in scheduling face-to-face meetings with their mentor;
  • Be professional and prompt;
  • Be open to advice; and
  • Inform the Chairs or the student representatives of issues or concerns.


What is a Mentor/Advisor?

Mentoring or advising is perhaps the truest form of dynamic learning. It involves two people with a commitment to assisting each other in furthering their professional careers. One constant in discussions held with successful individuals is that, almost without exception, they had an advisor or a mentor. Making the decision to mentor another individual is a conscious decision to return to your profession some of the expert advice that you may have been given (or wished you had been given) in the pursuit of your personal career objectives. One method of distributing this advice is through the establishment of a mentor/protégé relationship with an early healthcare careerist.

A mentor is a person who is, or has been where you want to go, a person who is willing to assist you in meeting the challenges of reaching your next goal. It is important, as you establish your relationship with your mentor, that you understand what expectations reasonable, and what expectations are would be nice if they were fulfilled, and what expectations are not realistic.

A Mentor is:

  • A person who is willing to share their assessments, viewpoints, and life experiences with you, to help you succeed.
  • A person you can “bounce ideas” off, before you take the risk of going public with them.
  • A person that you can assist by sharing your areas of expertise.


A Mentor is Not:

  • A person who is going to get you a job.
  • A person who is going to give you all the answers you need to be successful.
  • Your mother, father, or fairy-god person.
  • A personal counselor to deal with areas of your personal life outside of your career.


Characteristics of a Successful Protégé:

  • Genuine concern for his/her own development
  • Willingness to learn
  • Open (non-defensive) attitude toward the mentor’s comments, suggestions and feedback
  • Arranging enough time to adequately participate in the relationship
  • Easy to reach and make contact
  • Ability to keep commitments
  • Agreement to keep the contents of discussions confidential
  • Desire to grow and plan a long-term career
  • Competent in his/her present position


See below resources for use during the mentorship, including FAQs and guides: