“The ACHEMT chapter in Nashville Tennessee is a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to network with others in an informative and dynamic educational environment.  Having maintained my status as a Fellow since 1995 and having joined ACHEMT in 2009, I believe that membership in the Nashville ACHEMT chapter and participating in their community, educational, and networking activities affords me the opportunity to stay current with many of the cutting –edge issues facing the healthcare management industry. I sincerely believe that all healthcare leaders in the greater Nashville area can significantly benefit from joining ACHEMT and participating in the various chapter activities.”
Charles F. Wainright, III, Ph.D., MHA, FACHE
Professor & Director, MBA Program in Healthcare Management, Belmont University

“Membership in ACHEMT has been extremely beneficial to me in terms of education, networking, and leadership opportunities. The chapter is focused on meeting not only the national organization’s defined goals, but also on the unique needs of Middle Tennessee’s professional population. The diversity of membership has been value-added, too. At each event, I know I will have the opportunity to interact with people from every department between HR and Finance, and from the insurance industry to bedside clinicians.”
Peter D. Harmon, MBA
QRS Manager HCA, Quality Standards Department